Sao Mai restaurant - Sao Mai hotel is an organization specializing in holding receptions, banquets, conferences and seminars with a rich menu suitable for many customers and professional chefs. Served many international as well as domestic delegations to meeting dining at the hotel are highly appreciated.

The team of professional chefs, many years of experience has successfully served many important delegations with unique dishes, demanding professional processing. Throughout the years, the chef team has constantly improved the quality of our business to meet the increasing demands of our customers.

Sao Mai restaurant located on the first floor of the hotel, 150m2 area includes a large banquet room and 3 small banquet rooms with modern equipment, suitable for both European and Asian parties, staff trained professionally. Will certainly bring satisfaction to you when booking a party at Sao Mai restaurant- Sao Mai hotel

Sao Mai restaurant on the first floor has 3 large rooms with the area of 25 m2 - 100m2 suitable for receiving guests with partners to guest receptions in large numbers.