Cheap conference room in Hanoi , cheap meeting room in Hanoi .


Cheap conference rooms, cheap meeting rooms.

Each spring to the spring, the old year closed with success, or the plans are still unfinished. Start a new year in addition to continuing to finish the unfinished plan of the old year, in addition each person, every family, company or organization comes to the new year with how many new plans are outlined.

In order for those intentions to be discussed and agreed upon then to take action, it can not be left to anyone alone to think and implement. That would be unlikely, as the " Trees do not grow young "

From the idea of ​​going to the action, there should be a discussion of the opinions of many people, but how can we now have the space to gather people here, so difficult?

Do not worry, we specialize in meeting room rental, cheap conference room in Hanoi will help you answer those questions.

The cozy meeting room, which is over 100m2, is suitable for your request, projection equipment, sound, and other equipment contributing to the success of the seminar. In addition, professional staff consult the best solution, the cheapest price for you.

 With more than 20 years of experience working in the field of hotel services, conferences, seminars, guests are completely assured when coming to our Sao Mai hotel.

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